Virtual Tour - Foyer


The Doors

The doors into our church are completely glass, and for two very good reasons.

Firstly, we are an outward-looking church. We see ourselves as part of the local community, supporting and loving the people around us, and having large glass doors reminds us to look out into the world around us. We do not hide ourselves away in a dark building, we use the church as a starting block to go out into the community.

Secondly, glass doors allow other people to see inside the church. We are not ashamed of what we believe, and having glass doors means that people passing by can see inside and see what's going on. It also means that you can stand in the foyer and see clearly everything that's happening.

The Rotas

With so much happening in the church, we need a lot of man-power to run everything, and we encourage our regular congregation to get involved in the life of the church where they can. We have several rotas for all sorts of jobs, ensuring that no one person has to take the responsibiliy every week. The current rotas are displayed on the notice board in the foyer, and when the new rotas are made they are distributed from a table in the foyer for people to pick up and take home.

If you would like to get involved in any area of the church ministry, whether it's playing an instrument or welcoming people at the door, please contact the vicar or one of the churchwardens.

The Magazine Table

We have a table of magazines and other reading material in the foyer, including information about charities, flyers for upcoming events, and copies of The Month (the regional Church newspaper) for you to take away for free.

The Service Books and Bibles

When you walk into church on a Sunday morning you will usually be given three things:

  1. A warm welcome from the steward
  2. A service book
  3. A notice sheet

We think it is important that everyone gets a welcome to our church, no matter who they are or where they're from, whether they're a regular or a visitor. We are an inclusive church, and no one will be turned away.

The service book contains all the liturgy that we use during our service. Liturgy is the words that are said, both by the vicar and by the congregation. This can help you understand where we are in the service and see what comes next. Words for the congregation to say are clearly marked in bold. If you are visiting the church, feel free to join in if you agree to the words.

The notice sheet gives information about what's going on in the church, listing all our regular and special events for that week. You'll also find news and prayer requests here. If you want something to be listed in the notice sheet, please contact the church office. You can also download the noticesheet from our web site.


If you would like to take a Bible into the church with you feel free to borrow one of ours when you pick up your service book. We use the NIV translation. Scripture will also be put up on the screen when it's time for the readings.

Large print words

If you have difficulty reading the words on the screen, ask one of our stewards for large print versions of the service book. We also have large print sheets of the lyrics for the songs if you need them.

The Cross and the Font

The cross in the foyer is a bit like the cross behind the altar table, reminding us that this is a holy place where we meet with God, not just a meeting place for friends. The cross reminds us of Jesus, and helps to focus our minds as we enter the church.

Behind the cross, the other side of the glass, is the font. This is used for infant baptisms to welcome children into the family of the Church. We have the font at the back of the church to symbolise how the child is welcomed into the family, just as we are welcomed at the door when we come into church. If you would like to have your child baptised, please speak to our vicar.

The Foyer Speaker

If you are waiting in the foyer during the service you can see through the glass doors, and thanks to this small speaker you can also hear what's going on too. The sound from the service is piped through to this speaker, so if you are looking after you child in the foyer, for instance, you can still be a part of the service.